* on a date * soo… whats your favourite meme?

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Bees In Lavendar

I took these photos about a week ago on a beautiful, sunny day. Used a telephoto lens to capture the Bees sitting on the flowers. In full resolution photos you can see individual grains of pollen on their hairy legs!

I really loved that they Bees were yellow and contrasted sharply with the purple Lavendar, so I enhanced colours and lighting to make them pop against each other just a little bit more


100 mother fuckers can’t tell him nothin’. 

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Parole board: “What would you do if we granted you parole?”
Charles Manson: “I would go poof.”

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he has a  big head :P

he has a  big head :P

It ain’t a selfie ‘less he’s the one taking it.

he hates selfies lmao

he hates selfies lmao


by gigino


i have two moods 

  • Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger


  • kiss kiss fall in love